What does Contesto Scuola offer to you?

With Contesto Scuola you will be able to manage in one single platform all the main aspects your school is based on: the teachers, the students and the families.

Teaching management

Share the teaching programme of every class, integrate the online registers and communicate with all the teachers.

School-family relationship

Communicate with the families either individually or as a group. In a simple and direct way, all through the same platform.

The learning portal

Follow the learning progress of each student and share information about their growth path.

Education starts with the family

The parents are at the centre of the educational journey of every student. Contesto Scuola allows you to have a more thorough relationship with the families. Always involved in expressing any doubt regarding the academic progression.

What can you do with Contest Scuola? 

Communicate with parents, teachers and students in a simple and fast way.
Offer one single channel to manage in the best way the learning path of your students.
Manage the school administration.
Integrate online registers.
Access wherever you may be using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.
Share documents, messages and make videocalls.

How does Contesto Scuola work?

Your school is a complex Organisation that involves many people with different roles. This is why Contesto Scuola uses the collaborative platform SweetHive, specialised in managing organisations and in making many people work together in an orderly way. This allows you to organise all the communication by contexts, in a simple and efficient way.

One school, one digital hive

Your school will have its own space, the digital hive, where you can create all the contexts you need. Indeed, Contesto Scuola shapes itself on the way your school is organised. It will always be possible to integrate the apps already present that allow a connection with other systems and render the digital hive the single workplace for the school teaching.

One student, one personal digital space

You will be able to organise each class in a different context. And more! Each student will have their personal space in the class’ context. This way the teachers will be able to share there the messages, documents and information relating to the educational path, fully respecting privacy and only with the people they intend to involve.

The teaching community

It groups together the parents - or someone on their behalf - of a class in targeted groups so to communicate with them through the contexts. Everyone will have easy access, depending on their area of expertise and will be able to share and talk to others with simple posts on the platform.

One single smart channel with everything you need

One single page for your digital hive which collects all the information shared within all its contexts. So, to better understand what happens inside a context, you will be able to navigate in each of its pages and go back any time you need. This will allow you to have only one single channel of communication to follow!

Discover the new way of teaching with SweetHive

Who is Contesto Scuola addressed to?

Contesto Scuola adapts itself to organisational models of both private and public schools. The high number of students in each class and in each institute does not constitute an obstacle for the communication between teachers and families. 

Do you manage a Comprehensive Institute?

Contesto Scuola allows you to manage in a simple way all the school of your Comprehensive Institute. You will be able to create an independent digital hive for each school within the same organisation, connecting together the common processes.

Contesto Scuola is indeed based on SweetHive, the most flexible platform to manage networks of organisations and different operational units in different sectors.

What are you waiting for to create your own Contesto Scuola?

In a few simple steps we will help you create the digital context of your school as you want it. To always be up to date and in control of what happens in your school.